11th Jan2018

Steven Pullen’s horror ‘The Ballerina’ comes to the UK next month

by Phil Wheat

101 Films have announced they are set to release Steven Pullen’s The Ballerina, an American horror film in the tradition of The Forest and The Awakening that takes the haunted forest sub-genre to terrifying new heights, on DVD and digital download next month.

On the run from Child Protective Services, Glenn and his nine-year- old daughter, Sophia, disappear into the swampy Virginia backwoods. In hiding they live off the land in a tattered tent, keeping a safe distance from other homeless outcasts and the gangs of rednecks who occupy the forest. The tragedy that has brought father and daughter to this desperate place has also torn a crater-like hole in their shattered lives, leaving the girl defenceless against nightly hauntings by ghosts who encircle the tent and breathe threats to carry her away. As the hauntings become increasingly violent and terrifying her father is forced to try everything in his power to free his daughter from the grip of this nightly torment. Can his efforts save Sophia before she succumbs to the spirits who haunt the forest?

The Ballerina, which won both Best Screenplay and Best Poster at the Orlando Film Festival 2017, stars Deena Dill, Thomas Mikal Ford, and Morgan Cryer. 101 Films debut the film in the UK on February 5th.



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