09th Jan2018

‘Switch Trident PRO-S Wireless Controller’ Review (Game Devil)

by Phil Wheat


The Switch Trident PRO-S Controller, a great value game-pad designed to emulate a classic console experience when used with the Nintendo Switch and is one of the first dedicated third-party wireless controllers to appear on the system.

The Switch Trident PRO-S Controller offers the precision control of an authentic console game pad, without sacrificing the ease of connectivity and low-latency enjoyed by Switch owners. Effortless to use, the PRO-S is fully wireless, ideal for couch play and sustained gaming sessions. With an ergonomic design and high-quality tactile feel, the PRO-S features Dual Analogue Sticks and extended Triggers, allowing for precise movement, whilst the Turbo function is perfect for arcade and action games alike. Equipped with dual feedback for immersive gaming, Switch players are able to customise their gaming sessions further with changeable D-pads, ensuring that the Switch Trident PRO-S Controller offers the best playing experience possible.

The Switch Trident PRO-S Controller is available today from Amazon.co.uk


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