05th Jan2018

‘WrestleForce Rayleigh New Years Special’ Results & Review

by Philip Rogers

WrestleForce is continuing to gain momentum in the world of UK Wrestling and ended the year with an explosive night of action in the Rayleigh New Years Special, which was hosted by Lee Bamber.

The Mills Arts Event Centre is one of the bigger venues for WrestleForce, and with a sellout crowd it creates an amazing atmosphere, whilst still delivering the action close up. It was a familiar line up of events with three solo matches, including a title fight with Voodoo defending his title in the main event against The Playboy Lewis Howley. A tag team event and ending with the classic Rayleigh Rumble. People were expecting an exciting night of action and as always, the WrestleForce crew, both old and new delivered in style.


Match 1: Athen Yorghos vs The Cannonball Kid Oli Pearce

The evening starting well with a tough match for the local favorite Oli Pearce, who now goes by the name The Cannonball Kid following his appearance on the TV show Cannonball. His opponent for the night was British veteran Yorghos from Greece, who with 15 years of professional wrestling and distinct weight advantage was always going be a tough opponent.

It was a well-balanced fight between the two with the action taking place inside and outside of the ring, with Yorghos almost causing an upset. After gaining the upper hand in a technical alteration, wearing down Oli physically and almost taking a pin following a brutal succession of clotheslines.

Spurred on by the crowd a tired Oli managed to make a comeback, eventually stunning Yorghos with vicious neck drop which allowed him to take the win by pin. Another close contest, but Oli managed to finish the year on a high with a successful strike for The Cannonball Kid.

Winner: Oli Peace

Match 2: The Drifter Jack Toreno vs The Dazzler Darrell Allen

Despite having nine years of experience in the ring, this was a WrestleForce debut for the talented Darrell Allen. As expected he was given a warm welcome from Jack Toreno, who wasted no time waiting for the bell before taking the fight to the newcomer.

In a fast-paced match Darrell looked technically good in the ring, moving with pace and agility, showing some impressive power as he continued to connect from all angles with some heavy blows using both with his hands and feet. Jack may have a more rugged style, but it is a technique that seems to work and with his relentless work rate he just keeps on coming.

On this occasion however, it was the speed of Darrell which made the difference to take the win. Rolling away from a charge from Jack in the corner, Darrell took advantage of a stunned Jack, taking him to the to the floor with a leg lock, and a win by submission.

Winner: Darrell Allen

Match 3: The Romford Rockers (C J Silver & Mr Kung Fu Mark Trew) vs The Craft Beating Company (The Dark Wolf Matt Walters & The Angry Beard Kyle Ashmore)

The Romford Rockers C J Silver and Mr Kung Fu Mark Trew may still be seen as newcomers to professional wrestling. but as the first graduates of the WrestleForce Academy they are the face of a new generation. They have continued to make their mark continue to improve each time they step back into the arena. Once again, they faced a tough test as they took on the talented Dark Wolf Matt Walters and The Angry Beard Kyle Ashmore who were wrestling together as The Craft Beating Company.

The Craft Beating Company showed experience in the ring with their tactics. Deceiving the referee to gain advantage with the extra man and taking any opportunity to take a cheap shot at the man on on the outside of the ring. It was The Craft Beating Company who seemed to dominate the ring early on, although The Romford Rockers showed excellent spirit throughout the fight and has few tricks of their own. Mark Trew showboat some of his own skills as he executed a 619, on a dazed Kyle who was holding onto the ropes.

In the end it was The Craft Beating Company who claimed the win, finishing the fight in style as they collaborated on a series of Ariel finishing moves which allow Kyle to take an easy pin on a depleted CJ.

Winner: The Craft Beating Company

Match 4: The Main Event Voodoo vs The Playboy Lewis Howley vs Voodoo

In the main event The Playboy Lewis Howley was looking to regain the championship belt from the formidable Voodoo, who returned to the ring as the reigning champion following his win over Joey Axl at the Rayleigh Halloween Special.

This was always going to be one of the highlights of the night and despite a surprisingly cautious start form both wrestlers, but once the action started it was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

It was a closely contested match and although Lewis took the prize showboating, it was Voodoo who retained the title. It was hard fought match, but it was the continuing onslaught form Voodoo, which eventually earned him the win in a climatic finish. After narrowly missing a pin following a choke slam, Voodoo continued his punishment on Lewis attempting a second attempt at an Old School walk on the ropes (a brave decision considering a slip on his previous attempt left the crowd wincing). This time a successful execution from Voodoo diving form the ropes sent Lewis crashing to the floor and an easy pin.

Winner: Voodoo

Match 5: The Rayleigh New Year’s Rumble

There is no better way to end a New Year event with a final Royal Rumble and once all of the Wrestlers have entered the ring its everyman for himself. The rules for the rumble are simple, to be eliminate the opponent they must be thrown over the top rope and both feet must land on the floor. Last man left standing in the ring is the winner. Other than that, there are no rules!

The fighters in the Rayleigh New Year’s Rumble:

  • Athen Yorghos
  • Oli Peace
  • Jack Toreno
  • Darrell Allen
  • C J Silver
  • Mark Trew
  • Matt Walters
  • Kyle Ashmore
  • Lewis Howley
  • Oisin Bryne
  • Voodoo

As always, the rumble is a great end to a WrestleForce event, even if it is difficult to keep up with the action as hell breaks loose in the ring.

Early exits were Mark Trew and Matt Walters followed by Oli Pearce who was thrown over the top rope by Athen Yorghos. It was a short lived revenge for Yorghos following his defeat earlier in the night, as he was next to be eliminated as Lewis Howley used his momentum to make sure he followed Oli out of the ring.

Kyle Ashmore, Jack Toreno, Oisin Bryne were eliminated in quick succession, as Voodoo entered into the ring as a late contender. Darrell Allen managed to make short work of a tired CJ, But Lewis Howley continued his impressive form by making sure Darrell followed shortly after, which just left himself and Voodoo to fight it out for the second time. It was a tense finale which ended up with both fighters battling on the outside of the ropes for the win. With both men still tired form the previous match it was Lewis Howley who got the upper hand over Voodoo, sending him to the floor to leave him as the last man standing.

Winner: Lewis Howley


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