05th Jan2018

Interview: Julian Butler talks ‘Holy Terrors’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest interview/podcast host Stuart Wright talks to Yorkshireman-come-Australian filmmaker Julian Butler (of Smile Orange infamy) about Holy Terrors – the portmanteau film he co-directed with Mark Goodall.

The Welsh writer Arthur Machen wrote many acclaimed stories of the supernatural which brought him great fame in the 1920s. His work has faded from view in the decades since leaving just a dedicated following including Stephen King and Mick Jagger. Holy Terrors is a new film aiming to bring Machen to a new audience and adapts six of his tales into a spine-tingling portmanteau film. Effectively capturing the unique atmosphere and feel of Machen’s writing, Holy Terrors is sure to provide a night or two of uneasy sleep for the viewer.

To buy the DVD email holyterrors@btinternet.com or search for ‘Holy Terrors DVD’ on eBay.
There’s a book tie in available from Tartus Press (limited edition of 200) tartaruspress.com/machen-holy-terrors.html
To find out more about Arthur Machen visit the website of The Friends of Arthur Machen: www.arthurmachen.org.uk



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