05th Jan2018

Horror-On-Sea 2018 Interview: Maria Lee Metheringham talks ‘Mask of Thorn’

by Philip Rogers

Mask of Thorn is a throwback to the classic 80 slashers from writer and director MJ Dixon, which has been selected to play at the Horror-on-Sea Film Festival on Friday 19th January. I got chance to ask actress Maria Lee Metheringham about what attracted her to the character Mina Adams, What it was like working on set and what makes Mask of Thorn stand out in the horror genre.


What can we expect from Mask of Thorn?

Lots of action, running around, fighting, people freaking out and full on 80s awesomeness!

Can you tell us a bit about your character?

Mina Adams is a great character for me. Not only does she have the best costume, but she has an intense moodiness to her to go with it. She is badass but also has a softness to her, so it’s great to play a tough character who has some very emotional scenes to deal with at the same time.  She’s been in hell and has come back to take down Thorn and stop him doing what he is trying to do.

What attracted you to the role of Mina Adams?

She’s a very passionate character I can relate to from a personal perspective. She’s been through a lot of hard times which have strengthened her and conditioned her to the bad people in the world. I was so happy Mike asked me to play Mina when I found out all about her. When I saw my costume that was the gravy on the bangers and mash!

What preparation did you do for the role?

Just kept up with my training really so I was able to do any stunts and fighting required for the role. I mainly prepare myself on set emotionally to get into the right frame of mind. I’m not a method actor I prefer to snap from myself to the character I’m playing in an instant. That’s how I like to work.

What was it like working on the set of Mask of Thorn?

A lot of fun! Mike and Anna are a really enjoyable and relaxed film company to work with. The sets they built for scenes were great, they literally just find what they need lying around like ‘we need to blow up a wall…. let’s make a wall… done’ Their special effects skills are great to watch too, I was taking notes for myself.

What makes Mask of Thorn Stand out in the horror genre?

They have a very unique style which is what I love about it. It’s different because it’s like comic book, sci-fi style colourful horror. I’m awful at describing things but I hope that helps. The tones they use is very cartoon like with all the green, red and blue lighting, whereas most horror films are very dark and shadowy. Also, the characters in their films are very cool. Thorn in this film is what you expect the modern monster to look like. The action is packed from start to finish.

What was one of your favourite scenes to film?

I really enjoyed the fight scenes with Clarke Tribes character playing the officer, we got to throw each other around a bit which is always fun. I also loved the market place fight scene with Thorn, lots of floor diving and army style rolls.

Do you have any new projects which you are working on?

I’ve started writing my next feature film for 2018 which I want to go in production with, maybe end of the summer. I’ve also started working on a major project with Kat Clatworthy currently called V vs V, which is an action/adventure /horror. We’re working alongside charities to use the project as a way of raising awareness and getting people together. It’s going to be a massive feature film which starts shooting in spring/summer 2018 with a very passionate and skilled team on board.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into acting?

It’s important to be respectful, positive and interactive. I get a lot of work by working with people who know other people and recommend me or who I like the idea of working with, so I get in touch.  Networking I find is very important as if people like you as a person and feel they can work with you and get along with you you’re more likely to get cast in a film. I know from my own experience as a Director I’m drawn to actors who I like personally and are passionate and willing to communicate well with you.

Mask of Thorn will be playing at the Horror-on-Sea Festival on Friday 19th January at 8pm. You can also check out our intervierw with Mask of Thorn director MJ Dixon right here, and a second interview with actress Maria Lee Metheringham about her film Pumpkins, which she directed, is right here.

For more information on the event and to purchase tickets for the Horror-on-Sea please see the website for details: https://www.horror-on-sea.com


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