02nd Jan2018

Unboxing: Wrestle Crate UK – December 2017

by Phil Wheat

Mystery boxes, blind boxes, whatever you call them, there’s a HUGE proliferation in these subscription-based boxes. And whilst we’ve brought your news and reviews on boxes such as Nerd Block, Horror Block and A-Box, we haven’t covered some of the more niche mystery boxes. Until now.

If you’re a long-time reader of Nerdly you know we like to cover wrestling if and when possible – be it reviews of indie events, DVD and Blu-ray releases or pay-per-views, so we decided to sign up for Wrestle Crate… A monthly mystery box that contains an assortment of wrestling items; inside each box you’ll find goodies from both top brands in the wrestling world as well as Wrestle Crate exclusive items that cannot be bought anywhere else. The type of items you can expect are exclusive t-shirts, DVDs, autographed memorabilia, collectables, Funko, posters, signed prints, etc.

Check out unboxing below, and if you want to grab a subscription for yourself visit www.wrestlecrate.co.uk



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