22nd Dec2017

‘WrestleForce’ Preview: Rayleigh New Year Special

by Philip Rogers


WrestleForce are looking to end the year on a high with their most exciting line up of the year, which promises some explosive action in their biggest event of the year!

Playboy Lewis vs Oli Peace

Where a lot of the wrestlers may have a face for the radio Playboy Lewis and Oli Peace have proven they have a face for TV with Lewis appeared on First Dates and Oli on Cannonball. But this is not pre-recorded tv, this is Live wrestling where anything could happen on the night.

Jack Toreno Vs Darrell Allen

The Drifter Jack Toreno, whose wrestling style matches his rough and rugged appearance takes on one of the crowd favourites Darrell Allen in a fight which will be anything but clean if Jack gets his way in the ring.

Matt Walters & Kyle Ashmore vs The Romford Boys (C J Silver & Mark Trew)

It will be a fast paced, high-flying action in the ring when Matt Walters and Kyle Ashmore take on the WrestleForce Academy graduates The Romford Boys in a tag team event. Matt and Kyle may have the experience, but as The Romford Boys continue to improve, there are proving themselves to be a WrestleForce to be reckoned with.

Voodoo vs Yorghos

Voodoo defeated Joey Axl at the Halloween Special to win the heavyweight championship and will be hoping to bring back the magic in the ring against Yorghos as he attempts to retain the title. The British veteran Yorghos from Greece however is hoping to put 15 years of professional wrestling experience to good use, having been well versed in British wrestling a la World of Sport.

New Year’s Rumble

There is no better way to end a New Year event with a final Royal Rumble. When all the Wrestlers are thrown into the ring its everyman for himself. But in the end, there can only be one man left standing.


WrestleForce Rayleigh New Year Special will take place at The Mill Arts Events Centre on 30th December 2017 7pm – 9pm. Tickets are priced at £12 Adults, 
£10 Child (16 and under), 
£35 Family or group of 4. Front row tickets are £15.

For more information regarding the event or to buy tickets see the WrestleForce website or by calling 0771 785 8226


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