22nd Dec2017

A ‘Dota 2’ guide for Phantom Assassin, Mortred

by James Smith

Phantom Assassin can become an unquestionable killer if you manage to purchase right items in the appropriate time and if you have at least one mass stunner in your team. Mortred is only about close combat 1×1; assassination in the woods is in the first part of the game, and instant teleportation in the middle of the mass fight.


How to Earn Some Cash to Equip Mortred Properly?

There are masterpiece skins for Mortred and if you lack those for the better gaming experience you can sell the skins you do not want anymore at “skins markets” for a fair price and even get a bonus if you constantly sell items at this market. All the purchases are guarded by Steam and there are many payment systems available for cash withdrawal. After you sell the skins you do not need, you can use these money to buy items you actually need within the game itself.

What to Start From?

First of all, make sure you understand the tactics you’re going to follow. There are two basic tactics for Phantom Assassin that fully depend on items you buy in the game:

  • Start from the Basher
  • Start from the Battle Fury

Start from the Basher

Frankly speaking, this option is worse, although it still can bring you victory. The thing is that Basher is a good item if you plan constant 1×1 fights or if your team shows an excellent teamplay and you gather support Mortred deserves. Otherwise, it is going to be tough for you to become a top killer.


However, if you have purchased Basher, do not forget to purchase Vampirism items next (any item you wish – Vladimir’s Offering or Helm of Dominator; purchasing Mask of Madness would be a bad idea).
Then you just need to increase your damage – farming for Divine Rapier and sluthering Roshan for an Aegis of Immortal would be a good idea.

Start from the Battle Fury

This valuable item would allow you to make rampages constantly as the outstanding damage you gather when you reach the 11th level (if you have upgraded the ultimate for skill the second time and managed to gather Battle Fury) would make you the best for the close combat fights.

After purchasing Battle Fury you need to buy any Vampirism effect item – Helm of Dominator and then Satanic would be the best choice. Afterwards you only have to improve your Agility with Butterfly (not necessary as you already have good Evasion skills) or Ethereal Blade (only if there are Intelligence-based heroes in your team that rush with magic skills).


Mortred is a very valuable hero, however, the game could be spoiled if you do not manage to provide a proper farm from the initial stage of the game. It would be a bad idea to choose the Middle line from the beginning, and the woods wouldn’t allow you to farm properly as well. The best choice is to take a line with a teammate possessing distant attack (support hero preferable).


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