21st Dec2017

It’s looking good for Swedish genre cinema

by Kim Sonderholm
Weekend of Hell Germany 2015 Kim Sønderholm from "CANNIBAL FOG" and director Gustav Ljungdahl "YELLOW PIG PICTURES" at the booth of DINO PUBLISHING JW

Weekend of Hell Germany 2015 Kim Sønderholm from “CANNIBAL FOG” and director Gustav Ljungdahl “YELLOW PIG PICTURES” at the booth of DINO PUBLISHING JW

2017 was the change for Swedish alternative indie movies or New Swedish Genre Cinema. Movie successes this year – Hermit: Monster Killer, aka Den Gamle Och Monstret; Vilsen, aka Ave Mater; Sesoira; Sargad; Flickan and Root of Darkness have really broken grounds and next year is looking even better. The Swedish-Finish produced slow western scifi Gulgax and the LHTB flick HAGZ (Housewife Alien vs Gay Zombie) are two of the titles you really should watch out for.


Dino Publishing JW and Yellow Pig Pictures have been to German conventions for nearly 5 years where they have a booth and promoting Swedish Genre films. During 2018 director and producer Jonas Wolcher and some of his crew are planning for a promotional tour in Germany for New Swedish Genre Cinema.

“I love the Germans and they are very interested in New Swedish Genre Cinema,” said Wolcher; “We have already seen what our past trips have led to. By meeting and greeting old and new fans in the flesh, the money keeps rolling in. It’s essential to be polite and service minded. The audience pays you to make the next project because they believe in you. Don’t screw it up. Without the fanbase the film maker is nothing”.

The conventions, theatres and events are set to be announced in early 2018.





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