20th Dec2017

Unboxing: Fright Crate – November 2017

by Phil Wheat

Mystery boxes, blind boxes, whatever you call them, there’s a HUGE proliferation in these subscription-based boxes. And whilst we’ve brought your news and reviews on boxes such as Nerd Block, Horror Block and A-Box, we haven’t covered some of the more niche mystery boxes. Until now.

Having seen some unboxings of previous month’s boxes on YouTube (in particular on Johnny Tellez’s channel) and in search of a decent replacement horror-themed box for the now-defunct Horror Block, we thought we’d give Fright Crate a try… especially considering they were touting items related to Pet Sematary, Scream and Behind the Mask – three fantastic horror franchises!

The official Fright Crate description goes like this:

Fright Crate is a monthly mystery horror con in a box! A typical month would have celebrity autographs, prints, pins, figures, shirts, custom or handmade items, etc…

Fright Crate is available in two confirgurations: a smaller $20 box (3-4 items) and a larger $30 one (5-6 items); both boxes ship to the US, Canada and the UK – shipping charges (obviously) apply.

Check out unboxing below, and if you want to grab a subscription for yourself visit www.frightcrate.net


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