15th Dec2017

Devilworks gears up for a ‘Mercy Christmas’

by Phil Wheat

Genre boutique sales outfit Devilworks unwraps a gift this festive season with fun horror comedy Mercy Christmas. Directed and co-written by Ryan Nelson, Mercy Christmas tells the story of Michael Briskett, an overworked loner who meets a beautiful new co-worker. Michael’s ideal Christmas dream comes true when she invites him to her family’s holiday celebration. His dream shatters and Michael struggles to survive once he realizes that HE will be Christmas dinner.

Devilworks will be presenting Mercy Christmas to International buyers at the European Film Market (Feb 15-23 2018). Gravitas Ventures has released the film in North America, where it is available now across numerous VOD platforms including, but not limited to: iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Play Station Movies and DirectTV.



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