14th Dec2017

Unboxing: A-Box’s November 2017 “Justice” Mystery Box

by Phil Wheat

It’s been a couple of months since we last got the A-Box here at Nerdly. Why? Well it’s simply because there’s a HUGE difference in quality between each months boxes and – thanks to spoilers (from A-Box themselves)  – it’s easy to find out which mystery box is going to be for you!

This months theme was JUSTICE, obviously inspired by Warner Bros. Justice League – though this box was a little more varied than just being packed with DC COmic itmes… This box which contains items from Wonder Woman, Marvel, Justice League, Robocop and more and features an awesome t-shirt made exclusively for A-Box!

Check out our unboxing video of the November 2017 “Justice” box below:

The next A-Box subscription box – available to pre-order now – is themed “Unleashed” and will apparently feature a Pinky and the Brain Q-Fig and more!. Visit www.abox.com for more info and to order. The deadline for the next subscription box is December 20th.

Check out A-Box on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.

And check out Jawarlock’s awesome selection of unboxing videos on YouTube


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