13th Dec2017

SRS Cinemas announce DVD release of ‘Sheets of Gore’

by Phil Wheat

Todd Sheets is known among Shot on Video fans as the prince of gore… Back in June, SRS Cinema released an exclusive limited edition Bluray and VHS of his earliest works in a short compilation called Sheets of Gore. Apparently that previous release was so successful that SRS Cinema have announced a new limited DVD edition only available at www.srscinema.com

Gore master Todd Sheets has been piling on the blood and guts for nearly 3 decades, with such shot on video cult classics as “Zombie Bloodbath”, “Goblin”, “Violent New Breed” and many more, and more recently with hits like “House of Forbidden Secrets” and “Dreaming Purple Neon”. Now see where the gore began with Todd’s earliest shorts in the compilation video! Warning: Not for the squeamish or faint of heart!

The Sheets of Gore DVD is a one disc release featuring 93 mins of select shorts from the limited editions. Each copy is professional run and silk-screened by discmakers.com (DVD-R). Presales are live now, with copies expected to start shipping mid to late January 2018.



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