28th Nov2017

‘The Gifted 1×08: Threat of eXtinction’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


When a new show is finding its feet, it often has the one episode that stands out as the moment it hooks the audience and has their full attention. The Gifted has had quite a few leading up to the eighth episode, but with Threat of eXtinction we learn some secrets that turn this from a good show, to one that could be potentially great.

When the Mutant Underground collect a group of mutant refugees from a safe house that is in danger from Sentinel Services one of them is exposed as a spy. When they discover that this mutant is being controlled by Trask Industries, the company Dr. Campbell (Garret Dillahunt) works for, Reed (Stephen Moyer) finds himself paying a visit to his estranged farther who once worked for the company.

The episode begins with a flashback to a scene featuring Andreas von Strucker and Andrea von Strucker, bother and sister, who happen to be mutants on the run. If you’ve been watching the season so far you’ll know this is important because of the Strucker children who are similar in situation and the powers they have. This also explains why Dr. Campbell is so interested in them. We also get a glimpse of the power of two siblings, though we find out much more about the von Struckers and how they connect to the Strucker family we know, we also get a glimpse of the explosive event that takes place, and the deadly destruction they caused.

Interestingly though, it is not just being brother and sister that is the danger, but the family who the von Struckers are. Fans of the X-Men will no doubt already know the name, and will have been waiting for the connection to the Strucker family to be revealed. I won’t spoil what the connection is, but you can easily find out by searching for Andrea von Strucker and Andreas von Strucker. The connection to these two villains is confirmed in this episode.

In many ways this is a game changing episode of The Gifted because we finally see the implications of what is going on, and why the Strucker children are so interesting. The fact they have powers is not just a fluke of nature, and has connections that make Reed Strucker look at his life, and the relationship with his father differently.

Looking at the actions of Sentinel Services and Trask Industries, there is no grey area now when it comes to their actions, they are the monsters. Their actions against their “controlled” mutants are making slaves of these people, and their work hides behind the guise of fighting against the mutant threat. It will be interesting to see if people like Jace Turner (Coby Bell) will continue to work with them, when he realises his own vendetta is taking him down a road you would hope he wouldn’t take.

If you’ve been waiting for that episode of The Gifted that fully connects it to the X-Men universe and makes it a must-watch show, then this is the one. With each episode getting better and better, it is quickly becoming a show to look forward to each week to see what next secret is revealed.

***** 5/5

The Gifted is shown in the UK on Fox TV on Sundays at 9pm.

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