28th Nov2017

The Best Mobile Games of 2017

by James Smith


The proliferation of mobile games and apps has been pronounced in recent times, across both iOS and Android platforms. This marks a clear change in how gamers access their favourite titles in the digital age, while it has encouraged developers to design games specifically for the mobile market. This is part of the reason why there are now an estimated five million applications available in 2017, while the mobile app industry itself will be worth a staggering $80.6 billion by the end of 2020.

This wealth of choice can be overwhelming, so here are five of our picks for the best mobile games of 2017:

Arkanoid Space Invaders

While developers are always looking for original ideas, sometimes the best games emerge from the combination or amalgamation of classic patterns. Arkanoid Space Raiders certainly embodies the latter approach, combining Arkanoid’s ball-bouncing and brick-breaking gameplay with alien assassination to devastating effect. A purists delight, this retro-inspired highlights the best that the mobile platform can offer in 2017.

Layton’s Mystery Journey

Professor Layton is a legend among DS and Nintendo, with this brilliant sleuth headlining a number of popular games. This mobile iteration takes on a different perspective, however, as the erstwhile Professor’s daughter Katrielle takes on the mantle of mystery-solver. Despite this unique twist, the game retains the same format and selection of brain-teaser puzzles that made Professor Layton so popular, so it’s a must-try title for anyone who likes to challenge themselves.

Pigeon Wings

First we had Angry Birds, now we have Pigeon Wings – a game in which our feathered friends are actually ace pilots. You’re the only one good enough to save the city, however, as you use a high-speed side scroller to control your bird’s altitude and avoid on-coming hazards. Capturing the mobile template of simple gameplay and minimalist visuals, it’s extremely immersive and compels you to play over and over again.

Age of Rivals

While the impulsive nature of mobile gaming does not always suit in-depth strategy titles, Age of Rivals in an exception to this rule. Designed to be played in rapid-fire, 10-minute segments, this civilisation building card game manages to offer considerable complexity while also being suitable for short gaming sessions. You can play against a fried or the game’s challenging AI mode, while the goal of conquering cities is something that should appeal to everyone on some level.


And now for something completely different. Zip-Zap is a physics-based puzzle game that takes minimalism to a whole new level, you’ll play in bite-size levels and attempt to manipulate objects and achieve various objectives. In addition to puzzle-solving skills, you’ll also need good hand-eye coordination and focus if you’re to succeed, while the game itself is ideal for casual gamers looking to pass time on the commute home.

It’s also one of many indie games making its mark in 2017, as the age of minimalism continues to encourage designs of all shapes and sizes.


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