27th Nov2017

The Social Gambling Innovation

by James Smith


Gambling has started to take different forms with the introduction of smartphone and different social media platforms. The launch of platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Bebo have created the gambling innovation called social gambling bringing more people together to engage in this art form. Some people say that social gambling is the future of virtual gambling industry.

On Facebook and other media outlets, there are guidelines and regulations for real money gambling and only a few countries meet these criteria. These restriction has allowed for the boom of free gambling apps and games. Casinos have also created social gambling apps such as blackjack, texas hold’em poker and slot games that do not offer jackpots or prizes. These mobile games are played just for fun with friends or other players and all winnings are paid out in virtual money that cannot be cashed while the gaming companies make their money through in-app purchases and privileges that are bought with real money. The model is more or less similar to free to play games like Farmville, Clash of Clans or Candy Crush, where the app is free but players can spend money on gems and promotional deals that pop up once in a while.

There are several advantages to this type of gambling such as bragging rights, playing with friends, and sharing and comparing leaderboard results. This form of free gaming allows a player to brush up on their skills and practice gambling online before they try for real. Zynga and DoubleDown Casino are some of the well-known companies that offer free gambling apps and games on Facebook. Casinos like MGM Grand have introduced the myvegas Facebook app with extra incentives that allows players to cash in the virtual wins for prizes such as tickets to Vegas shows, meal tickets and much more in specific locations.

But what attracts most real money players is the possibility of winning the mega jackpots and bonuses. Players who wager with real money will use to Casino websites and affiliate websites such as Tuxslots but casinos have also developed apps for such players with a stimulus such as awesome graphics, music, animation, friendly user interface and much more. Real money gambling apps are now available on mobile phones through Play Store or through third party based downloads. Some casinos have also taken the idea of social gambling by introducing peer-to-peer betting exchange, league format betting, team betting, no deposits and free play on slot games,

Everyone has played a gambling game even if it is just for the experience. There will be those that are more interested in social gambling while others are into wagering real money. Casinos have realized the potential of social-gambling behaviour in revenue making and we will continue to see the development of apps with the integration of mobile gambling and social gambling in the future.

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