21st Nov2017

‘American Horror Story – Cult 7×11: Great Again’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


So, the final episode of American Horror Story: Cult has arrived, and it feels like it has been quite a journey. Will it end in the way we expect, or will there be some random twist that makes everything make sense?

When Kai’s (Evan Peters) world comes crashing down around him, Ally (Sarah Paulson) becomes the hero that took down the evil cult leader. Now in prison though and amassing more followers, will Kai manage to get revenge on the woman who took away everything he had?

It should come as no surprise really that American Horror Story: Cult ends in the way that was predicted. Kai is a character that is weak, and has obviously been written that way to set him up for his downfall. Should we be surprised that Ally is the one to rise out of the ashes of his downfall and take over his dreams? Not really, because this season has been all about Ally, and there has been no hiding that fact.

What Ryan Murphy has done with this season of American Horror Story though is take a subversive look at the world we live in now since Trump came to power. It pulls back from just being about one side of the matter and takes a swipe at both the anti-Trump and pro-Trump sides. Using the extremes that horror can create, the show has also been free to not get caught up in the realities of social matters, but to use them to create what could have been an interesting story.

I say could have been, because this season of American Horror Story wasn’t as much of a success as it could have been. For one, this is meant to be American Horror Story, and it does feel that it failed in the horror side of things, which is a shame. Yes, we see plenty of blood, and for some part of the show people dressed as clowns, but when the audience becomes desensitised to these things, it loses the ability to be unsettling.

What American Horror Story: Cult was really about was being inside the deranged mind of Kai, but not buying his message. We didn’t drink his kool aid, he couldn’t sell us on his form of Helter Skelter, and in the end, he just wasn’t strong enough. The women won in the end (not a bad thing), even if it was just Ally. She was the real cult leader, using Kai as her pawn to gain control, and he fell for it. In the end, she is Trump, but the question is, how many people were okay with that?

The final episode, Great Again is actually one of the better episodes of American Horror Story: Cult, because it has focus and gets the job done, instead of falling into the trap of parodying itself. We see Ally take on the role of Kai, and we see him once again be the puppet, falling for Ally’s trap. What evil will she do with her new-found power? That we can only guess. One thing is for sure though, Kai well and truly lost. That’s all that matters right?

****½  4.5/5

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