17th Nov2017

‘Flip Flop Solitaire’ re-imagines traditional Solitaire

by James Smith

Flip Flop Solitaire was officially released on the App Store for iOS devices this month by mobile game designer Zach Gage and the title is expected to alter the traditional common perception of the classic card game.


Solitaire… But Not As We Know It!

This latest incarnation of Solitaire is a world away from the basic game that so many people first encountered during a period of extreme boredom at the desk of their Windows-powered computer. Creator of the game Gage has already had one attempt at changing the face of Solitaire. Sage Solitaire was released two years ago and looked to take inspiration from the popular card game of poker to give Solitaire a new image.

Enter’s the Spider’s Web

In this new title, Gage has turned to Spider Solitaire for influence. Essentially, the aim is to start with 10 stacks of cards. These stacks must then be reduced to just 4 stacks with each card in the pile placed in an ordered sequence. However, Gage still needed to put in place a number of edits to the game to make it playable on a mobile format. The number of stacks were halved from 10 to 5 to allow for it to be more user-friendly on the smaller smart phone screen.

Gage also took the decision to change one of the most important aspects of Spider Solitaire for Flip Flop Solitaire. In the Spider variation, cards can be placed in descending order. In the Flip Flop variation, they can be placed in both descending and ascending order so the stacks become more versatile. For example, stacks won’t just be ordered as 4, 5, 6, and 7. Players can switch the order provided the order remains sequential. So 5, 6, 7, 6, 5 can also work. Cards of different suits can also be used to create stacks but if players wish to move cards to another stack then the selected cards must all be of the same suit.

Different Not Easier

Commenting on Flip Flop Solitaire, Gage said “I think of it as changing the scope of the problem, as opposed to changing the difficulty. Suddenly there are all of these other factors that I have to think about all of the time.” He added “It’s a different kind of question you’re being asked to solve when you play two suit versus one suit.”

Something Old Into Something New

Gage boasts an impressive track record for re-inventing classic games. He has given a face lift to chess through his Really Bad Chess game and also offered a fresh interpretation on word puzzle games with the innovative TypeShift and fun Spelltower.

Mobile games experiencing a makeover is something that has been done for a long time. Mobile casino games were pioneers of the process. Many online casino games that were transferred to the mobile platform needed to be re-imagined to function effectively on smartphones.

A range of other popular titles from the world of movie, music, and computer games have also undergone huge changes to make them accessible to the mobile market. The likes of Gage et al continue to put a new twist on traditional ideas to deliver more innovative mobile titles for the next generation of mobile players.

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