13th Nov2017

Modiphius announce new dice for ‘Star Trek Adventures’

by Phil Wheat

The Star Trek Adventures Roleplaying Game and Miniatures line, from Modiphius Entertainment, is the first official Star Trek RPG in more than a decade which is now available in friendly local game shops… As part of Modiphius’ commitment to the game they have announced the release of some new dice options for players looking to on the final frontier…

First up is the Star Trek Adventures: Challenge Dice set, from Q-Workshop, which will compliment any Star Trek roleplaying session. This product contains a set of 6 six-sided custom Challenge Dice for the Star Trek Adventures 2d20 system, featuring damage symbols on the 1 and 2 faces, and the Starfleet insignia on the 5 and 6 faces, representing Effects.


Modiphius also have some brand new single D20s, again from Q-Workshop, in Command (Red), Sciences (Blue) and Operations (Gold) variants, each containing a single twenty-sided die with the Starfleet insignia on the ‘1’ face.



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