10th Nov2017

Superhero series ‘Chosen Kin’ debuts on Amazon Prime

by Phil Wheat

Now available on Amazon Prime, Chosen Kin is a brand-new urban superhero series created by iSparked Studios which tells the story of a trio of humans – Mya, Mace and Enzo – all of whom have undeveloped super powers and who are forced to set aside their differences and unite to save the human race against powerful foes.

Said producer Neko Sparks:

Think Game of Thrones meet The Avengers with a little Empire sprinkled in. We want to make the ultimate superhero series that fans will love: Sexy, Hip, Violent, and Fun. A new breed of superheroes with just the right amount of edge.

The show, which is part of a an interactive online Superhero comic book and digital series, has debuted the first two mini-sodes (running 4-5 minutes each) on both Amazon Prime and on the official Chosen Kin website, priced at less than a dollar each! Check out the trailer below:



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