10th Nov2017

‘Robotech #4’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Brian Wood | Art by Marco Turini | Published by Titan Comics


With three issues under the belt it is time for a mid-term assessment of Robotech. I’m thinking a solid B, though a book that only looks like getting better rather than dropping off. I have been finding myself enjoying the nostalgia, the places and people, more than the actual specific script and ongoing story. Pacing has varied a little as well, as has the focus. Is this going to be mostly Rick and Minmei focused? Are they just the initial focus, and everyone will get their time in the Sun at some point? Not sure. I do like the fact though that Brian Wood has achieved a good balance, between old touches and new, definitely a positive.

Hopefully by now we all know robotech is the technology designed by fusing human tech with alien, specifically from the crashed spaceship of ten years ago on Macross Island. That spaceship has since been repurposed by humanity as Super-Dimension Fortress, or SDF-1, and not surprisingly the aliens have come back for it. The SDF-1 escapes the aliens, but only by space-folding, or teleporting, across space and by accidentally scooping up most of Macross City with it, not to mention Rick Hunter and Lynn Minmei, also scooped up in their ship. Good news is, everyone is safe for now. Bad news, the space-fold generator is damaged and,er, missing.

After a very mysterious recap of ten years ago, when the ship was first found, we catch up on the Micronians, getting ready to attack again, and the trapped inhabitants of Macross City. Roy Fokker, who was there from the beginning ten years ago, is also acting strange as he has flashbacks to those days too. Looks like some hidden family secrets may soon be spilling out. Rick and Minmei have seemingly integrated back in to life there, though Rick is frustrated that Roy won’t let him fly. With good reason it seems, as Captain Gloval has discovered their main means of defence, a large gun, is out of commission. They may be able to get it operational, but the ship may get badly damaged in the process. And that fleeting mention of ‘space time distortion’ makes me wonder about a possible connection to ten years ago….

Time runs out, as the Micronians launch their assault. No choice, but to initiate the modular transformation, at great cost to Macross City inside of course. It works. Kind of. The new setup gives shields and some defence systems back, but the main gun remains offline. It takes some left field thinking to defeat the Micronians assault, and that only after an extended space battle. Turns out the aliens didn’t enjoy being beaten like that, and their threat to bring in ‘reinforcements’, considering they seem to vastly outnumber the SDF-1 anyway, is pretty worrying. That is the second thing the crew have to worry about. Where has Captain Gloval gone? And is that a dead body in the rubble? Are the two things connected? Buy the book!

Enjoyed this issue much more than last, which seemed to be a place stopper more than anything. This issue kicked on nicely, lots of developments including the flashbacks. I have a theory on that one, a possible connection between the crash of the SDF-1 ten years ago and the ‘space-time distortion’ happening now, so will have to see how close I am in the next issue or two. This was pretty much an all action issue, scripted superbly well. Marco Turini’s art improves issue on issue, and he seemed to be having a great time with the space battles especially. Still not getting my widescreen-esque art, but he does lay out a page nicely, and paces the story well.

Action, drama, mystery, big spaceships, it’s all in here. If you’ve not picked up this book yet, a good jumping on point too. What are you waiting for?!

**** 4/5


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