06th Nov2017

Top video games that celebrate ancient Egypt

by James Smith


Seeing as ancient Egyptian culture first flourished around 4,000 years ago, it might be surprising to find that many top gaming titles have paid homage to this iconic historical period. Whilst it might not be going as far back in time as Far Cry: Primal, it shows what a fertile time this is for giving games designers plenty of inspiration for all manner of gaming adventures that range from first-person shooters to online slots titles.

Tomb Raider

As those monumental pyramids house the tombs of some of Egypt’s most illustrious monarchs, it’s not surprising to find that the Tomb Raider games would be quick to explore this ancient civilisation. The first Tomb Raider game saw Lara Croft battling all manner of weird mutants in Egypt. And whilst it not be strictly historically accurate, it was such a success that the intrepid explorer has made many repeated visits to Egypt with Cairo, Giza and Karnak all being great places to do a little tomb raiding.

Civilisation V

Whilst it was undeniably fun to roam around the pyramids as Lara Croft, the acclaimed Civilisation V game gave us all the chance to be the Egyptian pharaoh, Rameses, and conquer the whole of the known world. Follow ups included Civilisation VI that gave us chance to be Cleopatra and construct our own colossal city-states. And even if that sounded a little heavy going, then you could still kick back and relax with some of the Egyptian-themed slot games over at the InterCasino website.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

There is little doubt that the Call of Duty series of games is one of the biggest franchises of all-time, and so it was no surprise to find that the Black Ops III release featured plenty of scenes set in Egypt. Whilst this didn’t give us any opportunity to blast any mummies or pharaohs to kingdom come, it still managed to show how this nation offers a great gaming environment unlike anywhere else on Earth.

The Sims 3: World Adventures

And even if you just wanted to be a regular guy exploring ancient Egypt, then The Sims 3: World Adventures game gave you the chance to do just that.

Whilst the prospect of tackling puzzles in ancient ruins might not sound as much fun as an online slots game, it still reaffirmed the fact that games designers are still obsessed with ancient Egypt!

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