01st Nov2017

The Importance of VPN in Marketing Business

by James Smith

Why should you be using a VPN service in the marketing sphere? What are the chances of using unprotected WiFi signals while being a businessman and doing long-term business trips? What is the role of a VPN?

Generally, a VPN is a Virtual Private Network, which creates an encrypted tunnel to pass the data securely. What it does is it adds an additional layer of protection for anything you do on the Internet. Also it includes running your marketing business, doing banking operations, and passing other sensitive personal data. The main problem is that almost all public WiFi connections are insecure. That’s why hackers and cyber criminals love to target this type of Internet connection.


So, what do you need to do to protect your personal information while being active in online marketing?

VPN for Marketing Goal

When you’re into online marketing you constantly have to work with online banking and online credit card accounts through the Internet. If you have to do that while being far from your home Network, you usually use free WiFi signals from cafes, restaurants, department stores, airports, and hotel rooms. In this case, you should definitely think how to protect your personal data from third parties. So, what to do? It is highly recommended to get a reliable VPN service.< >Another interesting fact is that a VPN helps you to activate a Google Voice. How? If you travel abroad and need to activate a Google Voice number for a credit card in other countries than Canada and USA, a VPN will be a helpful thing. You should install a VPN service on your device for connecting to the IP in the USA and ensure Google that you’re in the US.<

A VPN is also very useful when you want to open some restricted media websites that work only in a certain number of countries. This concerns Google research results for marketers too. If you want to research Google search results in some distant country, you need to connect to the Net through IP address of that country. For this, a VPN service is a must. Very simple but very effective.


So, let’s summarize what we have discovered about a VPN in marketing. A VPN allows you to connect to the Internet, hiding your personal data. Everything you download and upload, your passwords and usernames will not go into clear text. They will be encrypted and hidden from any third party. Hopefully, this information will help you to become a successful online marketer while protecting your personal data and business operations from hackers and cyber criminals. Use a VPN service for both your company and your customers.

There are different ways to connect to a VPN network depending on what we need to do, it is not the same to want to create a VPN in our local network to access shared resources that want to connect to a VPN in another country to skip a specific filter.

For the first case the complexity of the process makes it impossible for us to detail it in this article, so if you are trying to make use of this type of connection for domestic or labor use, we recommend you to look for more information about it, document and try the different ways of doing it.

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