31st Oct2017

‘She Came From the Woods’ Review (Short Film)

by Phil Wheat

Stars: Ehad Berisha, Justin Andrew Davis, Peyton Michelle Edwards, Olivia Helaine, John Pope, Eric Consolazio, Kristen Anne Ferraro | Written and Directed by Erik C. Bloomquist, Carson Bloomquist


She Came from the Woods is a brand-new short film written, directed, and produced by The Bloomquist Brothers (Erik and Carson); whose most-recent short, Ghost Tour, is currently on Crypt TV, and whose hard-boiled short film, The Cobblestone Corridor, we reviewed way back in 2015….

After a brief introduction, with the camp counselors all sitting round a campfire telling a scary story a la Are You Afraid of the Dark?, She Came From the Woods wastes no time getting to the horrific action. But with a running time of just over 12 minutes, there’s not that much time to begin with!

The set up is brief. There’s an urban legend that says you will call the evil spirt of Esther – a witch who experimented on kids in the very woods the camp was built in – if you, for some stupid reason, draw blood whilst in the forest and say Esther’s name. Do this, and in much the same way as Candyman would if you said his name in front of a mirror, Esther will appear and go on to slaughter everyone. And these particular camp counsellors being the idiots they are (nothing new there then), do it. Guess what happens? Nothing. Or so it seems.

OK, give it a minute… There has to be some semblance of suspense right? Right. But it doesn’t take long before counsellors start dying in grisly fashion. The kind of grisly kills usually reserved for 80s slasher movies and bizarre genre flicks: Sleepaway Camp and Slugs spring to mind. Apart from the drawn out death of the first counsellor, the kills within She Came From the Woods are short and sharp; going for shock value rather than storytelling – after all, there’s not enough time within the short film format to craft the kinds of suspense and storytelling usually seen in feature length horror. But there doesn’t need to be, we know all we need to thanks to that campfire introduction.

A taught, short, sharp blast of horror that mixes the traditonal slasher movie Summer camp setting with a more supernatural, Blair Witch-esque villain, She Came From the Woods is at the complete end of the spectrum to the Bloomquist’s more well-known The Cobblestone Corridor and more recent short Ghost Tour, taking more of a graphic horror route rather than a supernatural one… And it’s testament to them both that they can pull off such genre changes with aplomb.

My only qualm with this film? It’s too short. So good is She Came From the Woods that I could easily sit through an expanded version – be that a longer “short,” a sequel (or two) or a feature length terror tale. The Bloomquist’s really capture the currrent 80s retro vibe perfectly, and you can really see the love for this kind of cinema wrought big on the screen throughout She Came From the Woods‘ 12 minute run time. If you’re a fan of camp counsellor killing horror – and what genre fan isn’t – you owe it to yourself to hunt this short down, or add it to your must-see list, ASAP.


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