28th Sep2017

Isaac Florentine & Antonio Banderas team for ‘Acts of Vengeance’

by Phil Wheat

If you’re one of the many, many people who bought and enjoyed Security, the Die Hard-esque actioner starring Antonio Banderas – be prepared for even greater things from Banderas’ latest action flick, Acts of Vengeance.

Why? Well this time round the direction comes from Isaac Florentine – he of Savate, Cold Harvest, US Seals 2, Undisputed 2 and 3, Ninja, Ninja: Shadow of a Tear and Close Range fame…. Yeah, quite the action-orientated CV right? Florentine is one of those action directors whose films I, personally, will watch sight unseen, knowing that I’m in for a fantastic fight-filled time. If you aren’t versed in the ways of Florentine yet I urge you to rectify that ASAP!

Not only am I excited to see Banderas and Florentine teaming up, but Acts of Vengeance, which sees a fast-talking lawyer (Banderas) take a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his wife and daughter and has his revenge, also features a cracking support cast – including Karl Urban, Paz Vega, Robert Forster, and Johnathon Schaech…

Check out the official trailer and poster for Acts of Vengeance, courtesy of Saban Films, below:



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