27th Sep2017

Terror Films announce 3 indie horrors for Halloween

by Phil Wheat

Halloween is approaching and Terror Films have announced they’ll be serving up three new tasty indie titles in October for horror fans to gorge on.

First up is Talon Falls, releasing on Friday October 13th. In the film, a group of teenagers visit a Halloween Horror Theme Park that features gruesome exhibits with hosts that are dressed to the “horror nines.” The friends soon discover that the hyper realistic staged scares they are witnessing are very real and being performed on innocent victims by a clan of murderous lunatics that inhabit the park. They must quickly figure a way out before they become the next live torture attraction. Written and directed by Joshua Shreve, Talon Falls was shot at the actual Talon Falls Screampark located in Melber, Kentucky!


On Tuesday October 17th, a Dead Body rise to the surface of your digital VOD platforms. Here, a group of friends have decided to celebrate their high school graduation at a lake house in the woods. One of the classmates recommends that they have a bit of fun playing the old school game ‘Dead Body’ – where one player is “the body”, one player is “the killer” and all of the other players try to figure out “whodunit.” Unfortunately, on this particular night, the game ends up featuring real dead bodies and a real life killer. The bodies begin piling up and, in an Agatha Christie “And Then There Were None” sort of style, the survivors are forced to solve the mystery of who the killer is amongst them before there is no one left standing. Written by Ian Bell and directed by Bobbin Ramsey, Dead Body won Best Special Effects at the 2015 New York City Horror Film Festival and was nominated for Best Horror Feature at the 2016 Phoenix International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival.


Lastly, on Halloween itself, Tuesday October 31st, The Follower will be stalking its way into your living room. A lonely and eccentric woman enlists the help of David Baker, an internet video blogger, to assist in documenting the supernatural phenomenon that has been occurring in her house. At first, he finds nothing much to report. But then… there is a change, both in the house and in the woman who brought him there. David soon finds that he may not be able to completely escape the night’s experience as someone (or something?) may have left its mark on him. Written by French filmmaker Kévin Mendiboure and Vincent Darkman and directed by Mendiboure, The Follower was recently nominated for three awards at the 2017 Fantastic Horror Film Festival, San Diego: Best International Film, Best Thriller and Best Editing.


Terror Films will release Talon Falls, Dead Body and The Follower across multiple digital platforms, including: iTunes, Amazon Instant/Prime, Vudu, Google Play/You Tube, X-Box Live and many others. Each release will begin with North America followed by a worldwide digital release on iFlix.


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