20th Sep2017

‘Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #3.7’ Review

by Dean Fuller

Written by Richard Dinnick | Art by Brian Williamson | Published by Titan Comics


Well, well, well, what’s this then? A Doctor Who story not wrapped up in one or two issues. Is that allowed? No complaints from me of course, as I’ve been enjoying The Wolves of Winter hugely. What’s not to like. Vikings, Ice Warriors from Mars, a sentient water virus called The Flood, a mysterious lurking alien, and of course lovely, lovely Bill. Oh yes, and The Doctor himself, mustn’t forget the star turn after all. The Flood is that bad that The Doctor manages to get the Vikings and Ice Warriors to team up against it, which they do with a little success, but that mainly helps to buy The Doctor time. He senses there is something else at play here, and we’ve waited long enough to see what, or who, that is…

Well, the lurking alien turns out to be a Haemovore, a telepathic vampire evolved from humans, and he wants to set free whatever is in the treasure the Vikings found. The Doctor calls it Fenric, and the fact he’s even there is apparently very wrong. The Doctor has fought Fenric several times, but the Seventh Doctor finally destroyed him. He not only shouldn’t be there in the Ninth Century, he shouldn’t be anywhere. While The Doctor muses over the fact he may have been manipulated into pitching up in this exact time and place, The Ice Warriors have decided to take it upon themselves to defeat The Flood alone. The Vikings are seriously thinking about pulling up anchor and just disappearing.

The Doctor finally realises what the game is. Some of the Vikings are direct descendants of the people The Doctor knew in his previous incarnation, and Fenric has played it this way on purpose. The Doctor is not happy. He starts to plan a way to take Fenric on, and tells Bill to ask the Ice Warriors to leave Earth now. He does as Fenric does plays it as a game of chess, and works out what pieces are to go where. The most important piece is Haemovore Prime, the ally of Fenric that The Doctor persuades will be replaced by The Flood when this is all over, so now would be a good time to switch sides. There’s a lot of running around going on right about now, on both sides, in classic Who fashion.

Essentially we end with a huge volcanic eruption that not everyone escapes from, but most of the Ice Warriors and Vikings make it out alive. I must say after a generally strong story the conclusion was a little flat, though bringing Fenric in was a nice touch, and Dinnick seemed to just run out of steam by the end. There was a lot of juggling of characters too, so no element of the story got the space it needed and it all felt a tad rushed by the end. So overall a good storyline with some nice touches, but this issue was a little bit of a letdown.

The let down, though not a huge one I’d like to add, also extended to the art. Brian Williamson has done a stellar job on the first two issues, but the addition of Marcelo Salaza and Edu Menna to help out on art duties diluted the look and feel of the art . It lacked a little of the consistency I’ve been enjoying. The colours were excellent though, strong as always in that department.

I’ll think we’ll file this one under ‘not bad’. Definite plus points for use of the Ice Warriors and Fenric, plus the Seventh Doctor mention, but negatives for a scrappy conclusion. That said, I like the cut of Richard Dinnick’s jib, and look forward to seeing where he takes the The Twelfth Doctor.

***½  3.5/5


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