19th Sep2017

First trailer & poster for slasher film ‘Crazy Lake’

by Phil Wheat

Directors Jason Henne and Christopher Leto were influenced by slashers from the ‘80s. Now, with Crazy Lake, they deliver their own slasher to horror fans this October. Starring Rob Mello (Magnificent Seven), Skyler Joy (21 Jump Street), Libby Blanton, Marco DelVecchio, Tom Latimer and Ashley Nicole Allen, the film brings several friends together at a remote camping spot. It is all fun and good times, until an escaped convict enters the area!

Official Synopsis:

A group of coeds looking for fun on spring break have their beach plans cancelled and opt for plan B – fun at a cabin on the lake. Sometimes plan b can be a real killer!

Distributor Indican Pictures have today released the official trailer and poster for Crazy Lake – which had its World Premiere at the Sunscreen Film Festival in Florida, and comes to Video-on-demand and DVD on October 3rd.






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