13th Sep2017

Grimmfest 2017 closing film announced

by Phil Wheat

If there’s one thing that Horror teaches us, it’s that Royalty, the Aristocracy, the Captains of Industry, the rich and powerful generally, are not like the rest of us. They are vampires or lizards; they prey on us, or hunt us for sport; they indulge in grotesque, shapeshifting, “shunting” orgies; they go canvasing for Parliament on Scottish Council Estates with their Nannies in tow… They are freaks and perverts, sadists and degenerates. And there is nothing they cannot get away with; or so it seems.

But maybe things are about to change. The horrible freaks are about to get… exposed, once and for all, in Grimmfest 2017‘s closing film, the Northern Premiere of… Attack of the Adult Babies

When two teenagers are forced to break into a remote country manor to steal Top Secret documents, they uncover a sinister world of sexual depravity and monstrous ambition, where powerful perverts have their every twisted whim catered to, while plotting a terrifying future for the rest of the world…

Grimmfest organisers have announced Attack of the Adult Babies, the scabrous, scatological, splatter-satire, which skewers the British Nation’s sexual hang ups and social divisions with puerile glee and savage abandon, will be the grotesque and gobsmacking grand finale to this years festival, looking set to bring it to a suitably uproarious and frenzied climax.

Director Dominic Brunt (Before Dawn) and his Producer, co-writer, and lead actress Joanne Mitchell will be at the screening to introduce the film and conduct a Q&A afterwards – and believe us when we say, there are going to be questions a-plenty. And doubtless some very interesting answers!

Check out interviews with Joanne Mitchell here and here and Dominic Brunt right here and make sure to check out the Grimmfest website for more info on the festival, which runs 5th-8th October at Vue Printworks, Manchester UK. Full Festival Passes and Day Tickets are now on sale from www.grimmfest.com



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