11th Sep2017

Watch Now: “Proof of Concept” video for sci-fi horror ‘Crypt’

by Phil Wheat

Directed by Eitan Arrusi (Reverb, Burn: Cycle, Long Time Dead) and produced by Michael Elliot (Jawbone, Catch Me Daddy), Crypt is set to be an exhilarating, character based, action thriller with great visual effects – as you’ll see from the video embedded below – and tells the story of Jed and his team of rescue and salvage experts, who following an underground explosion are called in to dig out the survivors.

Beneath London is a world few ever get to see. Over 1000 miles of tunnels and rivers. The last place you’d want to be trapped…

Currently in pre-production stages, Crypt’s “proof of concept” video premiered at last months Horror Channel FrightFest in London – and now everyone who wasn’t at the festival can check out the monster-filled fun below…

For more info on the film and to follow the production, check out Crypt on Twitter; Instagram and Facebook



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