08th Sep2017

‘Throat… 12 Years After’ Blu-ray Review (Vinegar Syndrome)

by Mondo Squallido

Stars: Sharon Kane, Eric Edwards, Jerry Butler, Sharon Mitchell, George Payne, Joey Silvera, Joanna Storm, Michelle Maren, Annie Sprinkle, Marc Stevens | Written and Directed by Gerard Damiano


Walter (George Payne) and Marsha (Michelle Maren) are the classic American married couple. Walter has a good job and Marsha is your perfect housewife. The pair believe in monogamy. I say that, but the couple have a sort of sexual awakening. One day, Walter has a bit of fun with a local hooker (Sharon Mitchell) and whilst he’s at it – Marsha finds herself seduced by Joe (Eric Edwards) – their Meter man. As this is going on, their friends Andy (Joey Silvera) and his wife Louise (Sharon Kane) are the complete opposite. The couple are both openly promiscuous and have their own fun when they can. One night – after some drinks in Andy and Louise’s apartment – the two couples decide to sit down and watch the porno-chic classic; Deep Throat. With Walter and Marsha’s new-found appreciation for promiscuity – I’m sure they’re in for a nice night indeed.

Before I continue. I do apologise for such a shitty synopsis for this film. I didn’t really have too much to work with. Excuses over – let’s get on with it!

I know it’s a classic and one of the most historically significant films of all time, but I really don’t have a soft spot for the original Deep Throat. Of course, it spawned the wonderful world of porno-chic, helped legitimise pornography as an art form and helped give us directors such as Radley Metzger and Carter Stevens, but if you want to see a dull piece of pornography – Deep Throat is the film for you. I’ve got mad love Damiano, his work and of course Deep Throat‘s soundtrack, but that film in general (even if Linda Lovelace wasn’t such a toxic….) does nothing for me. Going in to Throat, I was slightly concerned about how this film would work and which direction it would go down. Thankfully, there’s really no connection aside from the original film being watched at the end of the movie (points for porno-meta!). Unfortunately however, this wasn’t exactly a classic either.

Although the film was well-written and had a good narrative structure, I found it to be a tad dull. Sometimes, these films can be about as engaging as a TED Talk on economics. Characters are solidly formed and there’s some great dialogue, but aside from the performances in general – I just really didn’t care too much. OK, the film’s opening title song and main track overall was pretty awesome. It reminded me of an even more pornographic version of Donna Summer’s “Love to Love You Baby”. There’s also a great Munich Machine-cum-Space style disco epic in the film’s orgy scene. See, that and the overall style stuck with me more than the film itself.

I mentioned performances and boy did it deliver in that regard. Everyone is on top form here. George Payne is great as the sort of timid husband and his scene with Sharon Mitchell – especially when we’re treated to a school uniform-clad flashback (memories or Taming of Rebecca right there!) – is arguably the highlight of the film. Of course, regular faces like Joey Silvera, Eric Edwards and Sharon Kane do add a lot to the film because believe it or not – these people could act!. Even the cameos from the likes of Annie Sprinkle as a dominatrix nightclub over, Marc Stevens doing lewd things into a cocktail and even Gerard Damiano himself playing as a cab driver are sure to give smut lovers a big smile. All in all, this is a film to at least watch once – if not for the music alone.

Once again, Vinegar Syndrome delivers the goods with this release. As always the restoration is on point and the film just pops. In terms of extras we have a selection of interviews involving Larry Revene (who shot the film beautifully I may add!), Michelle Maren and Sharon Kane, an original trailer and reversible artwork. If you are fan of this film – this is a must. I may not be too much of a fan of the original film, but if they were to release that like they did with this I would be a happy bunny. Heck! Give us more Damiano because although not particularly a fan of this outing – I can’t think of a better label to help preserve and present the films of one of porn’s greatest and most pioneering artists.

Throat… 12 Years Later is available now from Vinegar Syndrome.


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