06th Sep2017

The best free games you can play right now

by James Smith


No matter if you’re craving some adventure or just want to unwind after a days work, you can find comfort in the various video games you can find and play online. There are many games and most of the good ones cost money. There are however many that you can try and continue playing afterwards for free. Sites like fungamestodownload.com provide insight on what games you can have fun with, but there are also very popular games that you can try. If you don’t know any of the top games which you can enjoy without paying a dime, you’re going to enjoy this. Take a look at the following games and you might just find yourself your new favorite activity for when you find yourself a bit of free time.

League of Legends

This is one of the most acclaimed games in the industry and on top of that it’s also free. The game revolves around two teams battling each other in a race to see which can complete the game’s objective first. The game is won when you destroy the other team’s nexus, which is like the heart of their base. But their base is far away from yourself and you have to deal with many things to get there. Kill enemy minions and make gold, buy powerful items that give you strength and abilities, and show your combat prowess in massive 5 vs. 5 team fights where the winners get to siege the other team’s towers and constructions.

Path of Exile

If you’ve played and enjoyed the Diablo series, this game will be familiar to you due to its camera angle which takes the same over the head approach. The game is an ARPG (action role playing game) and it puts you in the shoes of a nameless soon-to-be hero. You start off by arriving on an island where your kind is sent off, and by your kind we mean the exiled. As one of the exiled, you must fight your way back to civilization and grow stronger by the minute by collecting new powerful armor and items.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

The Warcraft RTS series has been incredibly fruitful. The now 20 year old games have given birth to an entire universe which is covered in the MMORPG World of Warcraft. While you need money for either of these, you can play Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft. This is a card game that uses all its elements from the Warcraft universe, hence the name. These card have special abilities and values that display their attack power and their defense power. These stats in combination with a number of others make up an exciting game that decides a victor not just by who gets the luckier hand draw, but also who uses it with more skill.

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