30th Aug2017

‘Lucifer: The Complete Second Season’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, Tricia Helfer, D.B. Woodside, Rachael Harris, Lesley-Ann Brandt | Created by Tom Kapinos


When you watch Lucifer, one of the most surprising things has to be just how good Tom Ellis is as Lucifer Morningstar. Now that Lucifer: The Complete Second Season is out on DVD, this is a chance to catch up on not only the Devil himself, but his dysfunctional family.

With Lucifer and Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) back to solving cases, they grow ever closer. To add even further complications though, it appears that Lucifer’s mother has escaped hell and made it into earth in the body of Charlotte (Tricia Helfer) who has plans of her own for the Devil.

While Lucifer has the base of a somewhat typical police procedural show, where it becomes something different is in the characters that inhabit it. Never taking anything too seriously, Lucifer’s lust for everything decadent in life fuels the energy for the show. Then we have his brother Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) who is the heart of the family, and of course the mother who is all about the manipulation.

Chloe Decker alternatively is the more human side of the group, with Lucifer’s therapist Linda Martin (Rachael Harris) having to deal with both sides, as well of course as Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt) the demon sidekick. It is the fact that these characters work so well together which makes the show entertaining.

While you would expect a show about the Devil to be full of gore and demons ready to rip people’s throat out, it is interesting that Lucifer (in the second season at least) downplays the demon side. Mazikeen does have her moments of kicking ass, but this is mostly done against humans who deserve it. What the show focuses on more is the human aspect of evil, and that is why it works.

The main story arc of the show is the return of his mother into his life. While this would be a good thing, in Lucifer this celestial being is all bad news. With an eye to returning to Heaven and taking over with her two sons, her way to make this happen is to cause as much chaos in Lucifer’s life as possible. While this is bad for him, it is also good for the viewers as we get to see more of what makes Lucifer tick, and highlights the most important thing about the character. The fact is he loves humanity (and mostly Chloe Decker of course).

While the path to happiness for Lucifer may not run smooth, it is an interesting one. Not only do we see angels doing battle over Charlotte, but we see how she is able to manipulate the dynamic between Lucifer and Amenadiel. I particularly liked how season 2 looked deeper into the character of Amendadiel, and what he wants out of his life. Especially how he deals with his loss of powers, and potential returning of them.

While Lucifer: The Complete Second Season does go on a little too long for my liking, and does tend to drag nearer the end of the season, it is an entertaining show that leaves you wanting more. The show relies heavily on Lucifer himself, and thankfully Tom Ellis is up for the task, and will be ready for whatever season three brings him.

Lucifer: The Complete Second Season is available on DVD now.

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