15th Aug2017

Frightfest 2017 Interview: Writer Jared Rivet talks ‘Jackals’

by Stuart Wright

In his latest FrightFest 2017 interview, host Stuart Wright talks to Jackals screenwriter Jared Rivet about ten plus years it took to get his first feature length screenplay produced. Directed by Kevin Greutert (Saw VI, Saw 3D and the awesome Jessabelle), Jackals has it’s European Premiere at Frightfest on Saturday August 26th.

They knew it would take steely resolve and iron daring to go up against the violent sect who have brainwashed their teenage son, Justin. But the estranged Powell family and the cult deprogrammer they’ve hired in desperation had no idea how soon they would become the bloody prey in the suspense shocker, based on a true 1980s story, from director Kevin Greutert the visionary SAW VI and SAW 3D luminary. A potent blend of the horror thriller, home invasion terror and murder cult chiller, prepare for a tense and claustrophobic experience that will shatter your nerves to the bone.

The Horror Channel Frightfest takes place August 24th – 28th 2017 at both the Empire Cinema and Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square.



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