02nd Aug2017

‘Motörhead Through The Ages’ DLC: Lemmy May Be Gone But His Memory Lives On

by James Smith


They were one of the most epic bands of all time, so it’s no wonder that Motörhead should also star in a video game that’s certain to delight fans and could even win some new ones over to their music.

But first, a little about the band’s history. Set up in 1975 by Ian Fraser Kilmister – or Lemmy to the world – over the 40 years that they were in action, up until Lemmy’s untimely death in December 2015, they had a huge musical output. This included 23 studio albums, 10 live ones, and 12 compilations. On every single one of them, the volume was certainly turned up to 11.

As well as their prodigious output and their well-earned reputation for a hard-living rock and roll lifestyle, the band, and Lemmy in particular, also had a keen eye on producing merch trading on the Motörhead name.
This reached its pinnacle with the video game released to coincide with their 40th anniversary, Motörhead Through The Ages which was developed and released by Bulgarian indie developer Haemimont Games as a DLC element of Victor Vran: Overkill Edition.


The game has some fantastic features making it a real must for diehard fans and Victor Vran gamers alike:

  • Lemmy’s brainchild: Throughout its development, Lemmy was closely involved suggesting designs and features, and you can see his unique signature throughout. He even appears as a customer in the game’s “Pub At The End of Time”, which acts as a hub for all the action.
  • A whole host of enemies: The gameplay itself involves taking on enemies including the Führer and the Queen of the Damned who are armed with a range of weaponry. The waves of foes keep on coming through the different stages of the game so you’ll have to be on your toes at all times.
  • Awesome weaponry, awesome sounds: Luckily, to fight them off there is the mighty power of the guitar in the hands of Victor Vran which he uses to headbang all enemies into oblivion. As you’d expect, the game also features 13 Motörhead tracks including Bomber, Killed By Death and their ultimate classic Ace of Spades.
  • Challenging gameplay: Through the game, you have to work your way through three separate dungeons which are pretty challenging even for the most skilled players. As you move through them you also pass monuments which have hordes of monsters charging out from them with gifts and weapons to help in the battle.
  • Brilliant reviews: Game review sites have commented that it’s the addition of the Motörhead element that really takes the Victor Vran game up to an altogether higher level – as well as adding some unexpected humour too. The inclusion of a guitar as literal slaying weapon’s an example of this and so are the funny exchanges between Lemmy in the “Pub at the End of Time” with the legendary Troma Films B-movie director Lloyd Kaufman. It sounds like a weird mash-up, but it works.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s no shortage of Motörhead merch out there for fans wanting to celebrate the band’s glorious four decades of rock. Their own website features all the t-shirts and hoodies you’d expect and even a Lemmy memorial candle. If you want to drink to his memory there’s also a selection of pint and shot glasses emblazoned with imagery.

To take your devotion even further, Cameron’s Brewery in Hartlepool has even produced a beer called “Röad Crew” in honour of the band. If you fancy something a little stronger, there’s even a bourbon-style Motörhead whisky from Swedish distillers Markmyra.

So, even though the band may have played their final ace of spades, there are still plenty of ways you can revel in their hard rocking. After all, in the words of Lemmy “If you think you’re too old to rock and roll . . . then you are.”

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