24th Jul2017

Microgaming unveils three new titles

by Phil Wheat


Microgaming unveils three new titles, and the fans are all talking about it at present. Many fans will look at the Microgaming website and affiliated websites in order to learn more about the new games that might get released soon enough. Microgaming has been producing so many great games over the years that a lot of people have a hard time even keeping up with them. Plenty of the newest games will be just as loved.

As is often the case, all of these different new Microgaming games will vary in terms of the images that they use and the topics that bring them to life. A lot of people will be excited about the game Six Acrobats. This game really manages to stand out when it comes to the graphics and the first impression that it makes on a purely visual basis.

It’s also a high-quality five reel and nine-line game that is complex enough to be interesting but that will still keep people strongly engaged. Microgaming tends to release a game that is going to make it famous for its graphics, its creative subjects, and its game playing mechanics. It looks like Six Acrobats is going to be the game that falls into this category for this particular new batch of three games. Of course, people will disagree about that, and some players might prefer one of the other two games.

Sugar Parade is the sort of game that often falls into its own category in these Microgaming releases. Most of these releases will tend to feature a game that is more lighthearted and fun in terms of its graphics and everything else about it. This game features a lot of bright and colorful graphics and a lot of rounded shapes. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, but it will still be a lot of fun for the online casino gaming fans who want to try out every single new online casino slot game that is introduced.

This five-reel and 15-line slot has a lot to offer many of the most experienced online casino gaming players, and they will like the adorable imagery of the game. Sugar Parade certainly helps to establish a nice contrast between Six Acrobats, and people will appreciate moving between both of these games.

Of course, the much more epic imagery of the Castle Builder II game will also have a great deal to offer the people who are excited about being able to enjoy some of the most diverse online casino slot games available today. People will certainly love the medieval fantasy imagery here. This is a proven genre in most formats, and it will work well in the context of the Castle Builder II game.

The Castle Builder II game might be popular on the same level as the Six Acrobats game. The Six Acrobats game is more unusual, and the Castle Builder II game is more traditional. People will be able to enjoy a lot of games like this at the Platinum Play online casino.


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