21st Jul2017

Rene Perez unleashes ‘Playing with Dolls: Havoc’ on VOD

by Phil Wheat

Following the “dubious’ release of the first two films in the series (one of which cause controversy in the UK by using the Texas Chainsaw prequel title), director Rene Perez is releasing the third film in his slasher oeuvre, Playing with Dolls: Havoc, to VOD platforms this week.

Playing with Dolls: Havoc is the third film in the series and sees serial killer and psychopath Havoc escaping from his prison. This time, he targets his jailers and the local residents of an isolated wood. The story also involves a sadist and voyeur. He (Richard Tyson, appearing in the franchise yet again) holds Havoc in a closed cave, to commit murder. But, Havoc turns the tables and finds a way out of his confines. Now, he is free to kill again and again and again…

Fans of the Playing with Dolls series can see Playing with Dolls: Havoc on 4K Ultra via Amazon and Vimeo. The release begins this week, with more releases to follow.



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