21st Jul2017

How to Write Professional Essays with Google Slides

by James Smith

Getting a task for writing an essay with the further presentation to the class can be a nightmare for a college student during his first semester. Writing an essay can be a truly overwhelming task. However, you can write even the largest project and present it in the best way using a free, simple, and effective method of Google Slides. But, first things first – start your essay + presentation project from structuring the work.

7 tips from the best essay writing service for paper writing

  1. Decide on the essay type
    It can be a general overview of the given or chosen subject, an analysis essay or research paper. You may narrow the focus or specify the generic points as advised by a professional essay writing service to be sure that you are ready to start.
  2. Write an outline or diagram to see the full picture of your ideas
    Transferring your thoughts from the head to paper, so to speak, can help see the full picture of the upcoming essay. Such outline will be a foundation for your work. Diagrams can be helpful. Start from the work’s title in the middle and then draw a few lines to blocks with major ideas. Or just list all key points in a simple outline.
  3. Prepare a thesis
    Creating a thesis statement is another step to a successful essay. This thesis explains the main idea of your essay. Check your diagram or outline and find the main idea. Your thesis must be divided into 2 parts.
  4. Start from writing your body
    Many experts who offer their services recommend starting to write an essay with the introduction. But the easiest way is to write a body first. The body of an essay must explain, describe or argue your topic. Each paragraph of the body has to be with the same structure: the introductory sentence with the main idea, a few sentences with supporting ideas, preferably with detailed examples.
  5. Then write the introduction part
    Shocking information, an interesting story, a smart quote or a simple summary can be included in the introduction. The task here is to reveal the essay’s thesis in the most interesting way.
  6. Finish with the conclusion
    3-5 sentences to review the main ideas and prove your point of view is more than enough.

PowerPoint vs. Google Slides: choosing the presentation service


The choice is up to you, but, from many aspects, Google Slides is simpler and cheaper to use.

Here are 4 main reasons to choose Google Slides instead of PowerPoint:

  1. Collaboration work is easier in Google Slides. There is even an inbuilt message chat for collaborators to communicate with each other.
  2. Simple user interface. You can be a total dummy at Google Slides and still create a presentation in a few minutes. There are tips on how to start a new presentation, how to choose and organize slides, add animation and infographics.
  3. The support of offline editing. Just download the Google Slides app from the Chrome Web Store to your PC. Synchronize it with your Google Drive and you can create, edit and save presentations without the Internet access. All changes will be instantly synchronized as soon as you go online.
  4. You can access your presentation from any device – PC, Android, or iOS. PowerPoint still lacks this kind of accessibility.

A step-by-step guide for creating an essay presentation with Google Slides


  1. Create a Google Slide Presentation with the default light template.
  2. Opt for your own design. Use the pre-made templates or download your Photoshop theme for presentation in PNG format.
  3. Choose “Master” under the View menu.Rename your slide template to whatever you want.
  4. Click on the first slide titled as “Master”.
  5. Click on the background in the toolbar to change the default theme and upload your background layout. The background chosen for the “Master” slide will automatically appear on all slides.
  6. To change the default font, add a few lines or include any photos, images or infographics, you need to click on the various layouts below the “Master” slide.
  7. Click the “+” button to add a new layout.
  8. Choose the plain “Text Box” to your layout but keep in mind that it can’t be edited once you inserted the layout. Make sure to choose the right font from the start.
  9. After editing the master slides and layouts, you need to click on the left side underneath the slides. In such way, you are finishing the Master slide editing.
  10. When building the presentation, use the same essay structure – introduction, stronger and then weaker points, quotes, graphics and images, conclusion, questions to the audience.
  11. You can create an awesome essay with Google Slides presentation. If you have difficulties with creating one for your work, use the professional writing and editing services.



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