21st Jul2017

‘Another Mother’s Son’ DVD Review

by Paul Metcalf

Stars: Jenny Seagrove, John Hannah, Amanda Abbington, Ronan Keating, Julian Kostov | Written by Jenny Lecoat | Directed by Christopher Menaul


When we see World War 2 movies based on the British experience, normally we witness the events of the Blitz and see the hardship people went through. Another Mother’s Son takes us to Nazi occupied Jersey and the true story of a mother, and a Polish escaped prisoner of war.

Another Mother’s Son is the story of Louisa Gould (Jenny Seagrove), who when called upon to hide a Russia prisoner of war who has escaped, agrees to let him into her house. Calling him Bill (Julian Kostov) she looks after him, and tries to give him some normality back into his life, while all the time hiding him from not only the enemy in uniform, but also those closer to home.

The story presented in Another Mother’s Son is interesting because it is based on a true story, and all the more tragic. In it we see a strong woman who takes pity on a man who she relates to because of her own son who is away fighting the war. Taking him under her wing, she manages to bring Bill out of his shell and give him back some normality.

The fatal flaw that Gould has though is that sometimes bravery and stubbornness can lead to trouble, and that is exactly what we see in the film. Pulling Bill along with her, she often invites danger. When warned not to do something that can lead to discovery, she often does the exact reverse. While you do have to praise her for that, you do have to wonder if she should have been more careful.

Another aspect of Gould’s character in the film is the fact she had little compassion for others she was against. We see this in her view of a relationship of a woman and a German officer. Even though the German argued that he was not a Nazi, to Gould the relationship was wrong, and she let it be known. While this is understandable, maybe (in the film at least) if she didn’t become so vocal about it, she may have been able to fly under the radar of people who would do her harm.

The sad fact about Another Mother’s Son is the fact that you know where the film is heading, even if you don’t want it to. Jenny Seagrove is very good at creating a character that you not only care for but admire for her compassion and strength. Often blinded to the truth of her situation, the character still fights on, and becomes memorable. This is further cemented in your brain once you see the picture of the real Louisa Gould.

Overall the cast for Another Mother’s Son is impressive, especially with the likes of Seagrove and John Hannah. One person that impressed me was Ronan Keating, who does a fine job as one of Gould’s co-conspirators. The cast as whole create a community that are easy to empathise with, and in some respects, easy to hate. Which is exactly what is needed to make the film have the impact it needs.

Fans of World War 2 movies should watch Another Mother’s Son, because it is eye-opening, especially for what people went through in Jersey. It further shows that there does not need to be battles on the field of war to have an impact, but also the personal battles that many went through at home were also filled with tragedy.

**** 4/5

Another Mother’s Son is available on DVD now.

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