11th Jul2017

‘One Punch Man: Collection 1’ Review

by Kevin Haldon

Voice Actors: Chinatsu Matsui, Nobuyuki Hosoya, Keita Kodama, Ayuri Taguchi | Directed by Shingo Natsume | Language: Japanese/Dubbed | Subtitles: English


Have you ever watched something and just said “YES”. You know what I mean, it just makes you think ‘That… that right there’. That is exactly the feeling you will get when you turn on One Punch Man for the first time.

A beautiful coming together of hilarious, superbly written, deadpan comedy taking aim at the superhero genre, and absolutely gorgeous striking animation that actually compliments the world it is portraying, instead of giving the often jarring experience that a lot (not all but a lot) of anime shows or movies can have.

But what is One Punch Man? In a word… Genius!

One Punch Man is the story of Saitama, your average ordinary guy who one day decides he wants to be a superhero of unparalleled strength. 3 years ago he embarked on a journey to make himself such and this is where we meet him (no spoilers here, but you have to see how he got his powers it is truly amazing). However something Saitama never expected has been brought to his attention, when you are so strong that you can beat any opponent – no matter how big, strong or ridiculous they are – with one punch, well life as that superhero is pretty damn boring… Saitama spends his days dreaming of the ultimate challenge meanwhile poking holes at the idiocy of being a Superhero or Villain. Along with his new protege and a revolving door of supporting roles they clean up the streets with ease but will One Punch Man ever find his ultimate nemesis, or even be fulfilled with the bad guys he has.

I literally cant believe One Punch Man got by me but I am SO glad it fell into my lap! I literally watched this entire first volume of the show in one sitting. Seriously. One Punch Man is so well written and the comic timing is absolutely on point, to the fact there was a couple of episodes that had me spitting my drink across the room. It moves at a rapid pace with each episode only being roughly 25 to 30 minutes long, forming a cohesive story-line throughout the series (which is nice). The characters are outlandish and wonderfully portrayed, the baddies are Mmmmmmmental and the soundtrack is so rock and roll. The animation is incredible and adds so much to the show but lets be honest anime (and in particular the animation style) is at its height right now… Yes, the dialogue gets pretty absurd at times but it lends itself to the type of show this is and works on every level for me.

Now, you can watch this with British dubbing and the voices are all great, which is nice because sometimes British dubbing detracts from what your watching, but I personally suggest leaving it in Japanese with subtitles if you don’t mind some reading, it just plays better overall – at least I think so.

I honestly cant remember the last time I enjoyed something like this so much. One Punch Man is completely unique and needs to be seen by everyone. I actually hope someone options this for a live action movie (Nah probably wouldn’t work hahaha). A massive, massive, recommendaion from me and completely worth your time, I want more right now please.

This release of One Punch Man also includes some great bonus features to feast on making this a must buy, which is always nice – including an Exclusive Rigid Box containing 84-page booklet; Special Interviews with the Director, Character Designer and US and Japanese Voice Cast; and an interview with JAM Project – the band responsible for the Opening Theme Song, The Hero

Oh, and did I mention that besides the COMPLETE first season of One Punch Man, this boxset from Manga Entertainment also includes 6 Uncut OVA episodes! One Punch Man: Collection 1 is easily the best purchase you will make this year… honestly.

You can grab One Punch Man: Collection 1 on July 17th on DVD and Blu Ray from Manga UK… and then thank me later.


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