10th Jul2017

‘Fox Trap’ Review

by Philip Rogers

Stars: Becca Hirani, Kate Lister, Julia Eringer, Klariza Clayton, Scott Chambers, Alex Sawyer, Therica Wilson-Read, Richard Summers-Calvert, Georgina Dugdale, Charlene Cooper, Carey Thring, Shelley Lankovits | Written by Scott Jeffrey | Directed by Jamie Weston


After a cruel prank goes wrong on prom night leaving a young girl disabled, the group go their separate ways and try to leave the incident in the past. Eight years later the group are invited to a country side manor for a reunion. Things may seem strange at first, but as the night goes on they realise they can’t escape the past and find themselves at the mercy of a masked killer out for revenge.

Fox Trap manages to recreate the classic slasher genre for a modern audience, although it still maintains the characterises and formula which made the revenge slashers films of the 80’s so popular. That classic era of horror where pranks went wrong on a regular basis and often led to a series of violent vengeful deaths.

Having a slasher film based in England gives it an edgier, unique, feel and the remoteness of the country setting helps to add to the sense of isolation. The film does build some suspense, but mostly, as with serial killer movies, it leans more towards disbelief. Hiding in the shadows with stealth ability and the strength to keep moving, as the dead bodies pile-up around, without anyone noticing. I was half expecting to see secret passages in the walls as an explanation, but this never came.

The killer in Fox Trap utilises the classic white mask and cloak, which was used as a part of the original prank. It may be simple and have a resemblance to the Scream mask, but when we are watching a slasher movie it’s more about the creative kills than how the killer looks. Not short of ideas, the killer uses a combination of weapons to violently slaughter the guests one by one. Most of the kills are over relatively quick although, in one particularly violent scene, he seems really makes his target suffer. After striking her over the head repeatedly with the hammer, her mouth is then ripped open using the hammers claw. She doesn’t die at this stage and the killer leaves her to expunge slowly in agonising pain.

You do feel sympathy for some of the characters, such as Frankie Hollingsway (Becca Hirani), who was the only one to serve time following the original prank, after trying to help. And also Anna (Therica Wilson-Read), who is one of the few characters who seemed to show any sign of remorse.

Unfortunately, Fox Trap offers less sympathy for some of the other characters, who come across as unlikeable, which questions why they would all agree to meet up for a reunion? And when it finally comes to their demise, you almost feel as though they had it coming.

A throwback to the classic 80’s slasher film, Fox Trap succeeds in replicating the feel of the genre in a modern setting. Mixing some traditional elements of the slasher, with some creative twists, it keeps you guessing up to the climatic conclusion.

Fox Trap is set for a VOD debut on September 25th; followed by a DVD release on October 9th. For more info check out http://facebook.com/FoxTrapFilm/


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