07th Jul2017

Interview with ‘The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide’ author Tony Morris

by Stuart Wright

In his second interview this week, host Stuart Wright talks with legal expert and author of The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide, Tony Morris, for the second time. This time it is about:

  1. The authors right to protect their interests
  2. Getting paid
  3. Budgeting for Legal services and costs

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In their previous interview/podcast the pair discussed:

  1. Setting out parameters of consent to use a performance
  2. Assigning copyright & the incorrect assumption that payment is copyright
  3. Chain of title
  4. Brands and logos in scenes
  5. You can’t copyright an idea
  6. Making drama vs making a documentary; what constitutes fair use
  7. Passing off your film by misrepresentation in the market

Listen to that installment right here.

There is an infinite number of legal matters on which producers seek advice. Nevertheless, certain questions frequently arise: is permission required to use material from a book? Does a contract have to be in writing? May classical music be used in the background of a scene? Does an interviewee need to sign a release. The Filmmakers’ Legal Guide addresses the practical legal requirements of those making movies, documentaries, shorts, television programmes and other audio-visual content. Divided into five parts, the Guide addresses in turn: content, rights, an overview of contracts, cast and crew agreements and, finally, production contracts. Key issues are analysed and explained in a clear and logical manner concentrating on the practical needs of producers.



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