30th Jun2017

First look at the 2017 LEGO advent calendars

by Phil Wheat

Coming courtesy of PromoBricks here’s the official look at LEGO’s 2017 Advent Calendars: Star Wars, City, and Lego Friends…

With the LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, fans can look forward to a galaxy full of Christmas anticipation. The calendar contains 24 gifts for small rebels, Sith lords, scavengers, and other life forms. In addition to minifigures, spaceships, vehicles and other collector objects, there is a playmate, with which one can play exciting adventures among other things on the deserts of Jakku.



With the 24 small gifts, which are included in the LEGO City Advent Calendar, existing sets can be added or new sets can begin! The doorways include, for example, a gingerbread house, Santa Claus sleigh, six minifigures and various vehicles, such as the helicopter of the coast guard, which provide plenty of joy during the pre-Christmas period.



The LEGO Friends Advent Calendar shortens the wait until Christmas Eve with a magical Christmas scene. Every day, children from the age of five can open one of the 24 doors, behind which are hidden amazing surprises from the world of Heartlake City to build.




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