30th Jun2017

Do you fear the ‘Curse of the Phantom Shadow’?

by Phil Wheat

Taking place in 1948, Curse of the Phantom Shadow is an homage to Dick Tracy, Batman, Radio Drama, Republic Movie Serials, and pulp magazines. Shot primarily in Las Vegas with two soundstage shoots in Las Vegas and one location shoot in Pahrump Nevada, This is a passion project six years in the making for writer/director and producer Mark Ross. The film has wrapped principle photography and is currently in post production, where Ross and co. are compiling the extensive visual FX work for what looks to be something of an indie gem…

The official synopsis:

The year is 1948 and the United States has a new enemy, The Phantom Shadow. This dark figure has diabolical plans for captured scientist, Dr. Hammond, and his War Department weapons of mass destruction. Upon the Phantom Shadow launching a treacherous missile attack on key locations in the United States, the government takes action. There is only one man to call, Agent 236, an elite government agent. Agent 236 has been dispatched to launch a rescue mission. Of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Our hero finds himself on the way to Hammond Castle, Dr. Hammond’s research facility on a remote island. The Phantom Shadow’s trap has been sprung. Along the adventure, Agent 236 is befriended by a spunky, sarcastic gas station attendant who just happens to have pinup girl good looks. She also just happens to be looking for action, and excitement. Luckily, Agent 236 is the man of her dreams. Agent 236 puts the station attendant and her tow truck into service in pursuit of the Phantom Shadow.

For more info on the film, and to see behind the scenes clips and featurettes, check out www.phantomshadowclips.com and the official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Agent236/



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