14th Jun2017

The A in ‘A-Box’ stands for AWESOME!

by Phil Wheat

Mystery boxes. A craze that has gone from a single monthly blind box for geeks, to a whole proliferation of boxes for every trend, genre, and fandom imaginable. From toys to food, from t-shirts to healthy snacks – you can get a mystery box for almost anything. Which means that launching a new iteration of the monthly subscription blind box is a tricky proposition these days… Whilst many companies come out the gate swinging, with cool products and exclusives you can’t find anywhere else, a lot of these subscription boxes start to dwindle come the latter months. And woe betide you change things up once people get used to your box – fans can be fickle, especially those of the more nerdly persuasion, usually dropping boxes on a month-to-month basis if they feel “let down” by the previous months content.

So why am I telling you this? Well, because there is set to be a new mystery box subscription service joining this crowded field, the A-Box.

So what makes A-Box.com different? Well for starters, the company behind this new blind box have a LOT of experience when it comes to memorabilia. The team behind A-Box are the same company that create those fantastic one off products that are often given out at special events such as movie premieres. Now, of course, if you’re not invited to these kinds of events you don’t usually get to see these items, but the A-Box team thought there was a mass-market appeal for them – especially after some of the products they created were unboxed on YouTube with 100s of thousands of views!

OK, so they’re approaching the mystery subscription box from a new angle but I bet you’re asking – what makes them REALLY different from other such subscription service? Well, given their past collaborations, A-Box have the official backing of studios like 20th Century Fox, Sony Pictures, Paramount and Marvel. Put two-and-two together and you have a company that is versed in creating bespoke items AND with the approval of studios… which means the A-Box will, hopefully, be crammed with one of a kind goodies that – unlike the competition – you won’t get anywhere else!

Their first official A-Box is Alien themed and ships from June 20th and this particular box is the only fully licensed Alien Covenant mystery box on the market… That’s a win right there for A-Box. The complete contents of the Alien Covenant A-Box are being kept under wraps; but I can tell you the box contains a life size replica, a high quality pin set and bottle opener, a cap and a t-shirt – over £150 worth of stuff..!

But the real kicker, for those wary of signing up to a new subscription box service, especially one as pricey as the A-Box, the company are – at least for the first few months – offering FULL refunds if you return your box within 45 days. Amazing.

For more info, or to sign up, check out A-Box.com; or follow them on Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook.




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