13th Jun2017

‘Twin Peaks 3×06’ Review

by Paul Metcalf


While Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is still stuck in Dougie, that doesn’t mean that Twin Peaks can’t push a few buttons for fans. This week has a definite feel of Fire Walk with Me as well as a very interesting introduction to a returning, but until now unseen character that fans have been dying to see.

Life for Dougie keeps on moving along, but FBI Agent Albert Rosenfield (Miguel Ferrer) pays a visit to an old friend. Meanwhile in Twin Peaks, Richard Horne (Eamon Farren) makes a deal.

While we the audience may want Agent Cooper to return, Twin Peaks has other ideas. One thing that has to be pointed out about the Dougie scenes though is just how good Naomi Watts is as Janey-E Jones. In a world, as strange as the one created in Twin Peaks, she is eerily real in her performance.

The other important scene of course is the return of Diane. Interestingly we’ve never seen her before, and it should be no real surprise really that she would be played by Laura Dern. It just fits perfectly with the fact that there is a Blue Velvet tone about this new version of Twin Peaks. It should also be no surprise too that we learn nothing more about her, we just get the introduction. David Lynch is in no rush to reveal anything in this show.

The other side of this episode is of course further exploration into Richard Horne. What is interesting is that the scenes he appears in are a trip back to Fire Walk with Me. What we see in this episode is almost like a love letter to that film, and to the fans who watched it. The fact we see Harry Dean Stanton return to Twin Peaks is the biggest hint that this episode is connected to Fire Walk with Me, and of course the accident we witness takes place around the same cross roads that featured in the film.

What this episode makes me want to do is to look at it scene by scene and compare it to Fire Walk with Me to look at how they compare, and if there are any hints to what is to come. Knowing Lynch though this is futile, and in truth we should just enjoy the show and let it reveal the secrets in its own time.

Twin Peaks season 3 is a slow burner, that for fans of David Lynch is paced just right. We’re in no rush to get all the answers, but we definitely want them in the end. I’m not sure how long Dougie can last, but if we have other characters like Richard Horne to learn more about then we are on safe ground. When it comes to Horne of course, who is he the son of? Could he be connected to Audrey whenever she decides to make her reappearance? We’ll have to wait and see.

With so many good television shows on right now, Twin Peaks is still managing to keep on top. If anything, I’m dreading when season 3 is finally over, and we have to realise that the show will have ended. Not that we’ll need any more of it though, because we definitely don’t want to spoil a good thing… right?

***** 5/5

Twin Peaks airs on Sky Atlantic in the UK on Mondays.

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