05th Jun2017

‘Deadly Class #28’ Review

by Dan Clark

Written by Rick Remender | Art by Wesley Craig | Published by Image Comics


When it comes to the art of making a great comic it is easy to overlook the importance of each piece of the puzzle. Yes comic fans are well aware of their favorite artists and writers but the inkers, letters, and colorers tend to be overlooked. However, their work can be just as important to making the style of a comic work. Look no further than Deadly Class that long has had a style that has immediately clicked. It is liked finely choreographed MoTown group where everything from the shoe laces of their immaculately polished loafers to their silky smooth vocals fit perfectly in tandem.

Every name associated with this book from Rick Remender to Wes Craig to colorist Jordan Boyd to letter Rus Wooton have morphed into a finely tuned machine where everyone is doing some of the best work of their career. Being twenty-eight issues in for a book you would except some sort of lull or dip in quality, but this book is just getting better. Not that this issue is without its vault. I adored the brave new direction Remender was taking  a few issues ago, but the events in the past few issues shows he is taking a disappointing step back from that decision.

This is a take your breath issue where we get caught up with the new status quo along with getting some major answers to the key question readers have been asking–like how exactly is Marcus back in the fold again? Personalty my feelings towards that answer are mixed. It makes sense on a character standpoint, but it comes off as more comic booky then this series has been so far. Most of that disappointment steams from how much more I have enjoyed this new class of characters that has recently been introduced. My hope is they do not get forgotten with Marcus newfound return.

To be fair if this issue is any indication Remender should have no trouble balancing this growing list of characters. Take a character like Quan who could have easily been forgotten as he mostly served his purpose. Instead he is faced with this fascinating dilemma that better explains his actions. As if often the case with this series someone’s actions are not as simple as they first seem. With Saya thought dead by most the tension in the school is raised to an entirely new level. As her friends and Master Lin seek answers the rest of the school is fighting for dominance.

With that said the opening of this issue should put a smile on your face. Willie and Marcus jamming no the beach is so out place for a book that rarely sees the sunlight. It was great seeing these pubescent assassins be actual teenagers in a more typical 80’s fashion, and a side note I am on Willie’s side. I never understood the love for The Cure either.

***½  3.5/5

Deadly Class #28 is out now from Image Comics.


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