01st Jun2017

‘Jean Grey #2’ Review

by Dan Clark

Written by Dennis Hopeless | Art by Victor Ibanez | Published by Marvel Comics

Synopsis: TELEPATHS UNITE! The Phoenix is coming! And determined not to become its next victim, JEAN GREY will enlist the help of its previous hosts…but will RACHEL GREY, QUENTIN QUIRE and HOPE SUMMERS have the answers she’s searching for?


Two issues into this series and I must say this is much better than I ever expected. Growing up Jean Grey was always my least favorite X-Men character, but this series shows just how crucial piece she has been to the success of this franchise.

Due to her concern that the Phoenix is coming she seeks the help of others who have held the power of the Phoenix. With this being comics this eventually leads into a random scuffle with some pretty forgettable bad guys, but within that action are some strong character moments. Jean is struggling living in a world where she will always be connected to a life she never lived. Making it worse is knowing she is destined to bring about major destruction to the world and her own life.

What is show is that Jean is not alone in this struggle. Yes her problem is not run of the mill but there are those who can relate and provide an assist. The X-Men have long been a metaphoric exploration into major social and culture issues, and in a small part this is continuing that theme on a more personal scale. Those who have faced major life struggles of their own could surely learn from Jean and the importance of having support. All this is done in a way that is never overt or obvious.

Marvel has had a lot of problems recently but you do have it hand it to them regarding the current state of the X-Men. With this series and X-Men: Blue and Gold what we loved about these characters is back in a big way. They may not be all the same people who have become fans of, but if this book is any indication it is that factor that is allowing them to approach familiar ground in a refreshing way.

**** 4/5


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