25th May2017

Silver screen slots

by James Smith


In an ever-increasing desire to create the most exciting and immersive experiences possible slots designers are always on the lookout for new themes and concepts for their machines. In doing this they often take the example of video games developers as a starting point and this, logically, has led on to theming many of their slots around hit movies.

These are specifically designed to appeal to fans of the film in particular or the genre in general and often the film makers regard them as an additional piece of merchandise for the franchise.

So if you’re a movie fan here are some of the very best about and, more importantly, some handy tips about how to maximise your winnings.

One of the key aspects of success on the slots is knowing when to switch machine and the common wisdom is that when you’re on a run without many wins, it’s time to switch. Luckily you’ll find plenty of choice of slots to go for across every possible genre. For example you’ll find ones that range from Lord of the Rings to Sex and the City. For fans of classic comedy there’s even a Monty Python and The Holy Grail machine. Play any of these and you’ll discover that favourite parts of the film are also included in the action.

Another feature that can affect your choice of game to play is whether it includes a progressive jackpot. There are two schools of thought on this. The first is that these games may not pay out as often as some as they need to amass the gig sums needed to create jackpot-sized prizes. The second is that, if you are lucky enough to win, it could well be a life-changing amount of money that you scoop.

Lots of movie-themed machines offer these big prizes and it’s no surprise that the Indiana Jones machines are some of the most popular. They’re also a great example of how the treasure-hunting theme of a film can translate perfectly into its slots version.

Even if you don’t fancy going for the longer odds of winning a progressive jackpot there are also plenty of games out there that offer a great range of features, bonuses and multipliers. For example while the Fantastic Four movies may not have been the most popular of Marvel films with reviewers, the slots have been very well received. With many wilds, free spins and even a x10,000 multiplier it’s a real favourite with action-movie fans.

Ask any seasoned slots player and they’ll tell you that another critical piece of information to have about any slots game is the payout rate. Given as a percentage, the nearest to 100% it is, the better. At 95.13% the Clash of the Titans slot is one of the best that you’ll find although this is bettered by the Iron Man 2 with a figure of 96.16%.

So whether it’s sci-fi or superheroes, comedy or cult classics that you love to catch at the movies hopefully this quick guide has given you some tips about how to come out on top with their slots. Now it’s time to get your popcorn and a drink at the ready and settle down to play…

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