25th May2017

Back This! Special – Daniel Farrand’s ‘Untold #2’

by Kevin Haldon

Editors Note: We haven’t done one of these columns in a while, but 365Flicks’ co-host Kev is a big fan of the first [kickstarted] comic, so I’ve let him have the Back This! reigns to tell you about the Kickstarter campaign for Daniel Farrand’s Untold #2


Hey Guys, something a little bit different from me today… I want to tell you all about this awesome Kickstarter campaign, ask you to take a couple of minutes to look over the project and should it take your fancy, Give a little to support this exciting independent comic.

A little while back on 365Flicks Podcast I had the pleasure of reviewing an indie horror comic called The Untold, a book I purchased at Film and Comic Con Newcastle and was instantly smitten with. Daniel Farrand has created a dark and twisted, beautiful, original, horror comic – unlike any I have ever read before. A real passion project that was funded through Kickstarter. The first issue brings a really fresh approach to the psychological horror genre and sunk its hooks into me right off.

Well people The Untold #2 is looking even bigger and better. Daniel has just launched his Kickstarter campaign full of some brilliant rewards should you decide to throw some cash his way. Which you totally should by the way, I will be! Check out the project below…

Untold #1 (28 pg) was successfully funded in 2016, thanks to the amazing support from 146 backers. We are offering anybody who may have missed out first time round, an opportunity to grab a copy of issue #1 within this Kickstarter. Reviews for issue one:

  • “Daniel Farrand has woven a tale of terror that feels like it could have been handed down through the ages.” Eblinson Grun – Outside the cube.
  • “A Visceral, Dark, Twisted, Original Horror/Thriller Comic unlike anything I have read!!! Stephen King and Kirkman had a baby and The Untold was born!!!” – 365Flicks
  • “Not that I “dislike” horror, it’s just not my favorite, but The Untold has turned me into a fan of suspense horror.” Ian Yarington – Comicbooked.com
  • “Fans of horror genre will absolutely enjoy Untold! Daniel Farrand takes horror comics to another level with darker elements and unapologetic violent scenes, not for the squeamish!” Shane “Dodgy” Tydeman – Flipside Focus

Untold #2 (22 pg) is the latest installment within the Untold series. With this Kickstarter we are hoping to fund the completion of the creative process, artwork, printing fees, packaging, and shipping of all rewards to our backers. The story:

Through a series of dark and twisted visions shown to her by a disfigured demon. Alice must attempt to separate fact from fiction, and unravel the truth behind her Grandpa’s decade long stay in the UK’s most notorious insane asylum.

I really want you all to go check out the Untold #2 campaign and if you like what you see, then please help make this indie horror comic the next thing you make happen today. Click the link HERE to visit the official Kickstarter page. The campaign started 20th May and is running for 33 days so plenty time to get in on it… Check out the perks below:



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